Terms and Conditions Romana www.facebook.com/boost.blackghost


  • Terms of use:
  • - Any slowhacking (bind, modifies files player, tracker UI, etc.)is not allowed. Servers that do not respect this rule will be removed from the list of boost without refund.
  • - Boosting of redirects is not allowed and will result in permanent ban of those IPs.
  • - X-redirect to other servers is not allowed. This failure will result in the removal of the server from the boost list.
  • - We do not accept in boost servers that have slot reservation.
  • - After purchasing the service, I cannot change the IP for boost. If the server is offline for more than 24 hours, the server will be removed from the boost without refund.
  • - We are not responsible if your servers are not set properly, or hosting company is lacking (no protection, vulnerability to flood DDoS, dedicates have a bad connection, etc.), these things can lead to a small number of players redirected to your servers.
  • - Make sure your servers are protected against various exploits that modify the Counter-Strike customer, any change of Counter-Strike customer (change name allowed) will remove the server from the list of boost without refund
  • - We reserve the right to delete/ban any IP that we believe it violates the Terms of Use and any paypal account that we suspect to be stollen.

  • By purchasing our services, it means you agree with our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to modifiy the terms and conditions everytime when it is necessary. Attention !!! You are buying digital good item and we do not offer any refund. If you pay, you will recive your virtual item instantly and we don't accept any refunds later. By paying for this digital good you agree not to be able to dispute, complain or ask for refund. We own the rights to cancel the service earlier if it doesn't comply with the boosting rules above.

  • How can I give boost:
  • To boost please add our facebook account: www.facebook.com/boost.blackghost or send email to the address: [email protected]
  • You can contact us on facebook by sending a message: www.facebook.com/boost.blackghost.
  • Due to the problems that ocurred both with Skype and YM!, you can contact us directly on facebook.

  • What is the boost site:
  • - The Boost www.blackghost.ro has a MasterServer and a platform that redirect the players. We also have a significant number of VPS servers hosted on different countries in order to provide our customers with players both during the day and during the night.
  • - The name of the players coming from MasterServer is: blackghost. Also most of the players that are redirected from the platform keep their names that they had. The name will be changed into blackghoast, only if the nick used contains advertisements.
  • - Those who choose to purchase Boost from us will be added in MasterServer. The platform will send also random players for every server that is in Boost.
  • - The Boost does not always offer the same number of players, the overnight volume beeing lower. Also in certain periods the number of players can decrease. We recommend you to play de_dust2 map until the server will be full.
  • - The Boost site offers 40% Romanian players, players coming from MasterServer and 60% foreign players who are redirected randomly from each server platform. We work constantly to increase the number of players in MasterServer as well as on the platform, the vps managing to bring daily an important contribution in increasing the volume of players.

  • Donations boost:
  • We offer boost weekly (7 days nonstop) 20 euro and boost monthly (28 days) 50 de euro . We accept only donations Paypal or Revolut. Before making a donation please contact us on our facebook account in case you want boost. Paymant will be made freiends and family (gift) on the paypal account [email protected]
  • VIP BOOST: 2+1 free: boost monthly (28 days nonstop) - 100 euro, boost weekly (7 zile nonstop) - 40 euro.

  • What happens with the money from the boost payment:
  • The payment for the boost takes the form of donations, all money beeing reinvestd to purchase new VPS and maintain the existing ones.Through reinvesting the money we wish to deliver to you a high number of players on the server.


Click on the image to download cs 1.6

Download Counter-Strike 1.6. You will benefit of a clean MasterServer with servers in all modes and protection against malicious scripts (UI tracker, Binds, destroy, AutoConnect, etc). Easily download by clicking on the image.

imagine exemplu

List of servers Counter-Strike 1.6 in boost Weekly (7 days) <==> (5 slots)
List of servers Counter-Strike 1.6 in boost Monthly (28 days) <==> (10 slots)

41 days, 3 hours, 41 min., 35 sec.